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Best Way To Seal Cracks In A Concrete Water Tank

  • By PR Building and Pest Inspector
  • December 5, 2022

A concrete tank is something that cannot be eradicated from the essential list of housing. Concrete tanks are the most common choice for any residential building as they are built with cheap building materials and are easily accessible. Even though a concrete tank is durable and tough but it can’t stand forever.


Best Way To Seal Cracks In Concrete Water Tank

Concrete water tanks come with a lifespan of two decades, but cracks are still bound to happen—extreme changes in the weather and soil-shifting lead to cracks and corrosion, and leaching. We tend to overlook the small cracks, and later these cracks lead to leaks. The leak drains an excess amount of water from the tank, also allows bacteria to form around the cracks.

The question here arises how you will repair a concrete tank crack? Read below some simple solutions you may need when you spot a crack in your concrete tank.

Some easy steps to follow for a quick fix of the cracks in the concrete tank:

  1. This one is quite common yet simple; mix some cement with water and apply the mixture onto the cracks, which will give you a double durable water tank.
  2. Buy a liquid membrane and apply them to the cracks; this will create a protective rubber kind of coating on the concrete tank walls.
  3. You can seal the cracks with Asphalt sheets; they have self-adhering traits that will seal any leaks and cracks.

Below are the best way to seal cracks in a concrete water tank; these steps will fix the existing cracks and prevent the tank from further damage in the future:

  1. Drain the entire tank.
  2. Clean the tank thoroughly.
  3. Buy a custom liner as they prevent water stored inside from being contaminated.
  4. Now get inside the tank and remove the loose crack pieces and debris lying inside, and clean it properly.
  5. Apply a concrete binding agent into the cracks and let it dry.
  6. Now, take three parts of hydraulic cement in a different container mixed with three parts of water.
  7. Mix it with an electric drill and paddle until it has a cakey texture.
  8. Now apply this mixture onto the cracks and give it a smooth finish. Remove the excess cement and let the application dry for about an hour.
  9. The final thing is to install the liner. Use an adhesive to coat the tank’s walls properly.
  10. Now, stick the liner properly. Remember to start from the middle of the tank so it covers the tank’s perimeter completely.
  11. Press the materials nicely to the walls, and your work is done,

Bottom Line: That was it. It was so simple to seal all the cracks in a concrete water tank. Following these steps will prevent excess damage like corroding, cracks, and tears in the wall.

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