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How To Select A Building Inspector?

  • By PR Building and Pest Inspector
  • November 30, 2022

Is there a new home on the market that you intend to hire a building inspector to carry out an inspection before buying? It is important to take the right steps to select the right investment to protect yourself against additional costs in your life to purchase a house. Calling an expert should be included in your budget, as without this, you may be in danger of buying a building that hides grave structural defects.

An inspection of property before purchase is intended to inform you of any potential dangers or hidden damage to the property. It’s not unusual that an inspector knows about the tricks for a sale by a building owner or the DIY renovator can cover up damage.

If you do not know what to look for, and not all building inspectors are equally created, finding a great building inspector can be a daunting task. There are 8 things to consider when choosing an inspector for the building.

Here are a few crucial


Are the building inspectors qualified?

This may seem an obvious question, but no formal qualifications are required in South Australia to carry out an inspection of a building. That means that everyone can call themselves “building inspectors” by having a business card. Take the time to ask your inspector about the industry .A typical construction inspector is a licenced builder, and knows how to build a sound home. All registered builders are required to provide you with this information and to assign a licence number. You can check their registration details if you have any doubts about their credibility.

Are they the experts you are searching for?

Not every inspection requires the same level of expertise. A pest inspection needs a pest tracking and analytical expert, while a pre-contractor building inspector is familiar with construction. It is essential to find the right person for the right job.

Is a complete inspection provided?

Depending on the size of the house and the complexity of issues, a building inspection can last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Your inspector should be searching for the following:

  • The Wall Cracks
  • Leaks, drainage and general water pressure problems
  • Windows
  • Power defects
  • Low hanging trees,
  • Gates and other external structures,
  • Pest Symptoms
  • Roof concreteness – tiles missing, rust, holes
  • Garden bed structure
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Is it supported by them?

Be cautious of inspection services that do not allow follow-up after the inspection or charge you more funding for the inspection. We conduct a post-inspection debrief with you to review our results and answer any concerns you may have. It usually takes 30 minutes and is our opportunity to ensure that everything we’ve uncovered is clear and happy for you. We are committed to helping you decide correctly when it comes to buying a new house and are thus pleased to discuss the facts with you.

Are they're insured?

You should make sure they are fully insured when picking a building inspector. In order to cover the advise they give and public responsibility, a service should have professional compensation to cover any damages made to third parties or property.

During the building inspection, will they let you on site?

An unskilled building inspector’s major sign is its reluctance to enable the customer to attend an inspection. We complete the first part of the inspection alone when we do a house inspection. This enables us to go through the house carefully and spend 100% of our concentration on the details. During the last 15 minutes, we bring you in so that we may deal with any early concerns or explain our results.

The report?

Detailed documentation of the inspection for your property is important.We provide our customers with a report on the same day. Photographs and fair reporting are included to assist you take decisions.

What are they charging?

Remember the expression, “What are you getting for?” It definitely applies to the market for building inspection. It may be tempting to select the cheapest inspector on the market, but the quality and completeness of the service offered is crucial to be considered. The choice of a price-based inspector alone can result in shortcuts being cut and can cost you long-term.

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