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Reliable Building Inspection in Wyndham Vale

Prominent Building & Pest Inspection Service Provider in Wyndham Vale

building inspection wyndham vale

Are you planning to buy a new home? But do you require a pre-purchase inspection to avoid future expenditure risk? Even if the site is newly constructed, a profound pre-purchase building & pest inspection from a skilled building inspector will give you complete information on the structure’s future safety.  

The Australian climate provides the ideal environment for growing termites and other pests. These pests can damage your property and cause health risks if not addressed quickly enough. PR Inspect’s professional building inspection will identify any existing signs of an infestation before you purchase the property. 

Our pre-purchase property inspections are typically a day’s work. Our dedicated team of inspectors will check the interior and exterior of the building, including the roof space and subfloor area. Some of the other home inspections locations include :

  • Kitchen space
  • Laundry & toilet
  • Steps & fencing
  • Corridors & driveways
  • Garage, carport
  • Garden shed

We use specialised equipment such as moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras and measuring devices to detect any hidden problems like dampness or cracks in walls or ceilings.

After a thorough inspection, we provide a written property condition report of our findings within 24 hours, following Australian Standards AS4349.1-2007. 

This report uncovers any defect in the property’s construction with a detailed evaluation of its future repair cost, allowing you to renegotiate the price before you make the final decision.  

Get in touch with us for complete pre-purchase building inspection services.

Wyndham Vale, 3024

Median home price change in Wyndham Vale 6.62% , over last year.

Get an Elaborative Pre-Auction Inspection Before Buying a New Home

If you want to purchase a property in an auction, it’s important to conduct careful pre-auction inspections before buying it.

Our team of pest and structure specialists can provide invaluable insight into the condition of any house or commercial building. We will identify everything from minor defects and major structural issues that may require repair costs in the long haul, arming you with the knowledge to let you decide whether to invest in the property.  

The auction process may work slowly, but you must bid quickly. A non-refundable deposit is required for any successful purchase. So, make sure to get in touch with us today for a pre-auction inspection and begin securing your property investment.

If You Are The Highest Bidder, You Have To Sign The Contract
And; There Is No Cooling-Off Period.

Precise Dilapidation Report for Building New Homes in Wyndham Vale

A dilapidation report documents the property’s comprehensive inspection at a given time. Our experienced professionals conduct this report using advanced analysis and documentation techniques to identify the asset’s conditions before and after construction work. 

All possible defects observed and expected to be seen in the future are pointed out during this new home-building inspection, including accuracy in damage or impairment levels for excavation, demolition and other structural projects.

Did You Know?

Termites never sleep. They build their colonies 24 hours a day, every day, until they die.

Experts in Termite Inspection Services in Wyndham Vale

Termites may be tiny, but they have a colossal appetite for destruction. Their single colony contains several million termites which can damage a home in just a few months or may even demolish an entire home soon.

1 in 3 Aussie homes is affected at some stage, so it is essential to find the termite activity before they grow in large numbers. PR Inspect conducts a comprehensive inspection of your home and property with our professional team of inspectors. Often called timber pest inspection, this termite inspection will notify of the following:

    • The current termite infestation
    • The risk factors associated with home
    • The potential areas likely to be affected by termites

Call us on 0488 663 440 to speak to an expert for new home inspections related to timber pests.

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