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Professional Building Inspections in Melton South

Need Urgent Building Inspections In Melton South?

Residential or commercial property purchases are all about making some crucial decisions, and mistakes can be costlier than you think. A pre-purchase building inspection, including a termite inspection of the property, is necessary for this reason.

PR Inspect offers a no-hassle, easy pre-purchase building and pest inspection services in Melton South. Our pre-purchase property inspection services across Melbourne allow you to make an informed decision about the property, saving you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs.

After our meticulous inspections, we can provide a digital dilapidation report within 24 hours, enabling you to bid the right amount for the property.

If any significant defects are found after our property condition report, you can either renegotiate the purchase price, or back out from buying the property.

Melton South, 3338

Median home price change in Melton South 8.97% , over last year.

Pre Auction Building Inspections in Melton South

With our highly dedicated team, we deliver high-quality service to our commercial, industrial and residential clients. They will thoroughly inspect all the accessible interior and exterior areas of the property, including:

  • Roof space
  • Under-floor space
  • Laundry or toilet
  • Retaining walls, if any
  • Garage, carport, and garden shed
  • Steps, fencing, paths and driveways

We suggest that you attend the inspection, so we can show you any areas of concern and answer any questions you may have.

If You Are The Highest Bidder, You Have To Sign The Contract
And; There Is No Cooling-Off Period.

Dilapidation Survey & Property Condition Reports in Melton South

Fact: A dilapidation report can save you from future litigation.

PR Inspect will provide a detailed building report following your inspection, including a description of the property, the materials used in construction, the problems found, and images of the areas requiring your attention.

We do before and after-work dilapidation reports detailing the conditions of all forms of structures and landscapes for the property at a reasonable cost.

Did You Know?

Termites never sleep. They build their colonies 24 hours a day, every day, until they die.

Termite Inspection Company in Melton South

Pest inspections are essential to determine if there is any pre-existing damage from termites or other timber pest activity, or any current infestation in the home. If the termite infestation is severe, fixing the damage caused by termites may be expensive and harm the structure’s safety. Thus, a timber pest inspection is essential to any property transaction in many Australian regions.

We have a qualified team in timber pest inspection to identify conditions conducive to termite attacks and whether or not a current termite management system is in place. The findings of the inspection will then be noted in your pest report.

We also carry out a broad range of new home-building inspections for our clients with a team of highly qualified professional engineers and inspectors to help you during the construction process from scratch. Our pre-auction property inspections mean you have liked, researched, and paid a deposit, including a no-negotiation clause.

So, if you need help understanding what aspects to look at before purchasing a building, contact us today to book your appointment or call us on 0488 663 440 for assistance.

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