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Mandatory Building Inspections in Sanctuary Lakes

Need Urgent Building Inspections In Sanctuary Lake?

If you are purchasing a property and if there is a need to certify that it is pest-free, PR Inspect is here at your service. We offer a quick and easy pre-purchase building and pest inspection service using state-of-the-art technology.

A building or property inspection can uncover structural, conditional and design defects or problems in the interior and exterior of a property, including rising dampness, structural cracks, faulty roofs, or any parts of the property you are specifically concerned with. At the same time, a pest inspection can uncover evidence of things like termite damage, whether they are still present in the property or not.

At PR Inspect, we typically prepare a ‘property condition inspection report’ that complies with the Australian Standard.

Our licensed and experienced building inspectors will go through every inch of the property and document both major and minor defects. Our pre-purchase inspection services include checking the condition of the following:

  • Building
  • Floor & roof
  • Garage, stairs, decks
  • Carports & basement

Identifying and fixing difficulties before you buy a property could save you thousands of dollars later down the track if issues are left unchecked. It can potentially help you gain information that you can use to negotiate a lower price for the property.

These pre-purchase building inspections are typically a day’s work. We will gladly assist you with what aspects to look at before purchasing a building.

Sanctuary Lake, 3030

Median home price change in Sanctuary Lake 5.64% , over last year.

Pre Auction Building Inspection in Sanctuary Lake

Pre-auction inspections will thoroughly inspect the property, be it property defects or pest infestations. Pest inspectors perform various house and pest inspection services to ensure a good-quality property.

With pre-auction inspection services, we can provide information on major structural concerns and minor damages to help you understand the repair cost. Our inspections are thorough, in-depth, and unbiased, so you never need to bid more on a property than it’s worth.

Although the process moves more quickly at auctions, this also implies that you must submit an immediate bid for the property you have chosen and investigated. You will have to pay a deposit with a no-negotiation clause. Call us right away to secure your investment.

If You Are The Highest Bidder, You Have To Sign The Contract
And; There Is No Cooling-Off Period.

Dilapidation Survey & Property Condition Reports in Sanctuary Lake

Fact: A dilapidation report can save you from future litigation.

A dilapidation report may be essential if you’re building or renovating and are accountable to another party. This report will note the current condition and structural damages, including risky areas, to keep you out of trouble during legal disputes.

With our qualified team of engineers and inspectors, we help you carry out new home-building inspections right from scratch.

The report will inform you about problematic construction plans and about the existing land and structural damages before you begin new home construction.

The PR team records all existing fault damage or impairment to the property and specific aspects of the property that are expected to change due to excavation, demolition, or structural work.

We cover domestic and commercial properties for building inspection in conformance with AS4349. 1-2007, giving us a clear idea of the amount of work needed on the property.

We do a before and after-work dilapidation report detailing the conditions of all forms of constructive property at a reasonable cost.

Did You Know?

Termite queens have the longest lifespan of any insect in the world.

Termite Inspection Company in Sanctuary Lake

Our inspector will check the interior and exterior of the property, including accessible roof cavities, roof void and subfloor areas.

Using the latest technology, we detect if there is any pre-existing termite and/or other pests in the recent past on the property. This can help safeguard property buyers against investing in fault-ridden properties.

Our pest inspection reports will explain any potential hidden issues a property may have. With PR pre-purchase termite and pest inspection services, you’ll know exactly what you’re in for before you sign the property documents.

Feel free to contact us at 0488 663 440 for any assistance with pre-purchasing a building or booking an appointment.

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