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Reliable Building Inspections in Mickleham

Your One-Stop-Shop for Pest, Termite, and Building Inspections in Mickleham

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Mickleham is a beautiful suburb located in north Melbourne. With lush green landscapes and peaceful neighbourhoods, it is a sought-after location for new homes and properties.

No wonder buying or investing in a property here is costly.

If you’re searching for a new property in Mickleham, ensuring your investment is secure and free from defects, pests, or termite damage is essential.

Fret not. PR Inspect is here at your service.

We are a reliable, accurate, and professional building and pest inspection services company that helps you make informed decisions before purchasing your dream home in Mickleham. As a trusted name in building inspection services in Mickleham, we offer top-notch services that can save you from costly surprises.

Mickleham, 3064

Median home price change in Mickleham 6.62% , over last year.

Identifying Structural and Design Defects through Building Inspection in Mickleham

At PR Inspect, we leave no stone unturned in examining every corner of your potential home. Our experienced and licensed building inspectors use cutting-edge technology to detect hidden or structural defects.

Our pre-purchase building inspection covers all areas of the property, including:

  • Building
  • Plumbing and electrical systems
  • Interior and exterior finishes
  • Roofing, gutters, and downspouts
  • Decks, balconies, and patios
  • Garages, carports, and sheds

If You Are The Highest Bidder, You Have To Sign The Contract
And; There Is No Cooling-Off Period.

Why Choose Our New Building Inspection Service in Craigieburn?

Our services don’t stop there. We also offer construction stage building inspections to ensure the quality and integrity of your dream home.

Construction Stage Building Inspection

Slab Stage

We carefully evaluate the steel layout, wall structure, plumbing layout, termite barriers, and foam work in the slab-level inspection. These components may not be visible once construction is complete, but they provide a solid foundation for your home.

Construction Stage Inspection
Construction Stage Building Inspection

Frame Stage

Our skilled inspectors thoroughly examine the house’s structure, including vertical plumb, wall framing, straightness, connections with ceiling frames, roof ties, and more. We also assess roof ties and its interior, trusses, columns, lintels, doorways, and windows and ensure everything meets top-notch design standards and includes essential features like termite barriers.

Construction Stage Building Inspection

Lockup Stage

Our experts meticulously inspect every component, from brickwork to plumbing and electrical work, plumbing and roofing interiors too. We check door and window installations of bathroom, kitchens, gutters, drainage systems, laundry, downpipes, insulation layers, weep holes and more.

Construction Stage Building Inspection

Fixing Stage

The fixing stage is all about attention to detail. We check everything, from doors and windows to architraves and skirting boards. Our team ensures the plasterboard is installed perfectly, with straight lines and aligned joints. We also verify the proper installation of smoke alarms and staircase balustrades together with levelling of door and windows and wall cracks.

Construction Stage Building Inspection

Final New Home Inspection Stage

Finally, at the handover stage, we make sure that every finish meets the highest standards. From joinery installation to paint finish and plumbing connections, we leave no detail unchecked. And we don’t forget about the exterior, inspecting the façades, garage doors, and termite barrier notice in the metre box.

Rest assured, our comprehensive inspection report complies with Australian Standards. And we take pride in our punctuality and timely delivery, and we even provide same-day service for building inspections in Mickleham whenever possible.

This detailed report covers all major and minor defects, including recommendations for repair and renovation. We can also advise whether the walls are load-bearing on request.

So, don’t take risks with your investment. Choose PR Inspect for assurance in your property purchase.

Trust Us for a Secure Property Purchase

Whether buying, renovating, or building a new property in Mickleham, with our building and pest inspection services, you can ensure informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and get peace of mind regarding your investment.

At PR Inspect, we are committed to providing you with an accurate and professional service you can trust.

Contact us now and book an appointment today to learn more about how we can help you protect your property investment in Mickleham.

Did You Know?

Termites never sleep. They build their colonies 24 hours a day, every day, until they die.

Don't Let Termites Infest Your Property in Mickleham

Termites are a common problem in Town. Don’t worry; we also offer termite inspection services in Mickleham. Our specialised termite inspectors are thoroughly examining your property for any signs of termites or damage and provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your property, so you can take action before it’s too late.

Our termite inspectors use state-of-art equipment and techniques to inspect the property’s accessible areas, including subfloor, roof void and other potential nesting sites. With PR Inspect’s termite inspection services, you can protect your property from termites and avoid costly repairs.

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