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Building your dream home is an exciting adventure, but before you move in, there is an essential step that you must pay attention to an essential step-the new home building inspection. That’s where PR Inspect comes into the picture. We offer hassle-free, high-quality pre-purchase building and pest inspection services to commercial, industrial and residential clients in Rockbank and nearby suburbs.

Our team of experts will leave no stone unturned in ensuring your future abode is free from any hidden structural damage, from electrical work to complicated construction issues and pesky pests. So, don’t let the stress of home inspections get to you; trust us as we work according to Australian standards and make your new home safe and secure for you and your family.

Top-Notch New Home Construction Inspection Services in Rockbank

Many factors can compromise the quality and safety of your investment. Many hazards could ruin your dream, from poor workmanship to using unsafe materials. Don’t worry; PR Inspect is here at your service.

Choosing the correct new home construction inspection services is as important as choosing the right contractor.

From foundation to roof, electrical wiring to the quality of your finishes, our licensed and experienced engineers will inspect every aspect of the construction process to ensure that everything meets the highest safety standards. We use state-of-the-art equipment and analytical tools to detect any hidden damage, defects, or potential issues that can compromise the integrity of your home. This can help you make informed decisions about your investment.

So, if your dream home is currently under construction, call, and schedule a new home construction stage inspection today.

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Building And Pest Inspection In Melbourne

All our services are carried out by well trained licensed fully qualified professionals. Our Team is not only licenced but comprises of engineers who have decades of experience .We are insured Registered Building Practitioner & Accredited Pest Inspectors – following Australian Standards for Building & Pest Inspections.

Our Building Inspection Process


Our initial new home-building inspection step is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your vision for your dream home. We’ll listen to your plans, ideas, and concerns and ensure we deliver a new home-building project that progresses seamlessly.


At PR Inspect, we specialise in new home building inspection. We tailor our inspections to your specific needs, using the most up-to-date VBA guidelines, manufacturer installation guides, and building practices to ensure your dream home is built with the highest quality.

We don’t just inspect homes; we build relationships. Our proven methods prevent confusion between clients and contractors and ensure all parties are satisfied with the construction process. And if there are any flaws in the building process, we’ll catch them before they become serious problems.

New Home Inspection During Construction Stage
Construction Stage Building Inspection

Slab Stage

At PR Inspect, we will explore every nook and cranny of your home from the foundation up. We will inspect everything from steel placement to plumbing fixtures and termite barriers to protect your property against infestation. Our expert inspectors meticulously examine every aspect of your home, including vertical plum, correct nailing, foam work, trusses, columns, lintels, and so much more at the slab level.

Construction Stage Inspection
Construction Stage Building Inspection

Frame Stage

Our team of experts will thoroughly check each part of your home’s structure, from trusses and columns to lintels and ties. We will examine the straight wall framing and nogging joints and assess any services penetration, design requirements, or termite barrier installation. Our evaluation includes checks for service penetration, design compliance, termite protection and window installation.

Construction Stage Building Inspection

Lockup Stage

Our inspectors are trained to spot even the tiniest details that might go unnoticed by the untrained eye. They will inspect every aspect of your new home during the lock-up inspection. We review brickwork, roofing, electrical wiring, and plumbing systems. We will inspect doors/windows installations, gutter drainage systems, downpipes, insulation layers, and weep holes, ensuring they comply with relevant standards.

Construction Stage Building Inspection

Fixing Stage

The fixing stage is crucial for achieving a flawless result. Before adding decorative details, we will check if all doors, windows, and architraves are installed. We will also check that the plasterboard is fitted correctly. Some of our other analyses include double-checking the security of railings on the staircase.

Construction Stage Building Inspection

Final Inspection of Your New Home Building

After months of planning, designing, and the hustle and bustle of your new home construction, it’s time for the final inspection. Our experienced team will check everything from top to bottom to ensure it’s perfect before handover.

Before the keys are handed over, our comprehensive inspection will check every construction element, including secure joinery fittings, fresh paint, and functioning plumbing fixtures. We will also inspect the façades and garage doors to make sure they are in tip-top shape. After our final inspection stage, you are ready to move into your new home.