New Home Construction Stage Inspection In Werribee

Secure Your Dream Home in Werribee with PR Inspect

Are you feeling a little nervous about purchasing your dream home in Werribee? Do you want to get it inspected to ensure you are making a wise investment? Don’t worry; PR Inspect is here to help.

Even if the property you’re interested in is brand new, with our detailed new home pre-purchase inspection, we’ll help you identify potential safety issues and protect your investment.

Expert Home Inspector for Werribee Construction Stage Inspection Projects

Our expert team offers construction-stage inspections to ensure your new home meets our high standards. We’ll get into every nook and cranny to ensure everything is well framed.

Using the latest technology for your new home building inspection, we will check everything from the structure to the heating and cooling systems, electric systems, and plumbing. Through our new home construction services, we will even check for pesky pests like termites and ants, so they won’t eat away at your dream home.

After thorough analysis, we’ll give you a detailed report that adheres to Australian Standards so that you know what exactly you are getting into.

new home inspection

Securing your Investment & Happiness.

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Building And Pest Inspection In Melbourne

All our services are carried out by well trained licensed fully qualified professionals. Our Team is not only licenced but comprises of engineers who have decades of experience .We are insured Registered Building Practitioner & Accredited Pest Inspectors – following Australian Standards for Building & Pest Inspections.

Our Home Inspection Process


At this initial stage, we begin with a chat to discuss your negotiations with the builder and your construction design details. This crucial step helps us understand your needs, preferences, and timeframe, bringing you closer to turning your dreams into reality.


Our experienced inspectors use industry-leading tools and methods to identify potential defects before they become problematic. We strictly adhere to Australian Standards, VBA Guidelines, manufacturer installation guides, and industry construction practices to provide the best service possible.

Our proven inspection system guarantees a seamless experience for everyone involved. We prevent misunderstandings between builders and clients, reducing builder-client quarrels and delivering high-quality work, leaving you satisfied and stress-free.

New Home Inspection During Construction Stage

Construction Stage Building Inspection

Slab Stage

Slab Stage

Your new home’s foundation is the most significant aspect of your build, so we conduct a meticulous inspection during the slab stage. Our team of experts will thoroughly examine each foundation component, including steel layout, plumbing layout, termite barriers, and foam work.

Even though you may not see these elements after construction, they are vital in forming a secure and solid foundation for your dream home. So, trust us to provide you with a home built on a solid foundation.

Construction Stage Inspection

Frame Stage

With our expert frame-level inspection, you can create a secure foundation for your dream home. Our proficient inspectors carefully analyse every element of your home’s structure, such as vertical plumb, wall framing straightness, and connections with ceiling frames.

We also evaluate ties, trusses, columns, lintels, doorways, and windows to guarantee they meet high-quality design standards. We also incorporate critical features such as termite barriers and service penetration, ensuring that your dream home is safe and sound with our comprehensive inspection services.

Lock-up Stage

Our lock-up stage inspection covers everything from brickwork to roofing, electrical to data cabling, and plumbing work to ensure that all essential elements of your building meet relevant standards.

We scrutinise every detail, including door and window installation features, gutters and drainage systems, downpipes, windows and doors, insulation layers, and even the most minor details, like weep holes. Our comprehensive inspection lets you rest easy knowing your home has been meticulously examined.

Fixing Stage

Our fixing stage sets the foundation for a flawless finish. We minutely check every detail, from doors and windows to architraves and skirting boards, to achieve straight lines, right angles, and perfectly aligned joints during plasterboard installation.

Safety is our top priority, and we check smoke alarms before adding plumbing or electrical works according to safety plans. Additionally, our team will ensure that staircases are securely fitted with railings following safety regulations.

Final Handover Stage

At this stage, your builder finishes the construction and prepares to hand over the keys. Before you start your new journey, you can count on us for a final new home construction inspection to ensure your home is up to par with the best standards of quality and craftsmanship. We’ll check everything from joinery installation to paint finish and plumbing connections, including façades and garage doors, are in top form.